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**Please note that all boudoir sessions are only blogged with my client’s permission.**

And I’ve been pretty excited to share this particular session…

Why? Because not only do these images contain a gorgeous lady (can  you believe she’s a mother of 4???), but also a classic car. The only thing that could have made this any better for me was if we included a horse and some cotton candy (don’t ask).  AND this was a special gift for her husband who will be returning home after a long deployment…any day now.

I love that this particular client was comfortable enough in her own skin to not only do a boudoir shoot, but to also do the shoot in a public setting. But, as I say, boudoir doesn’t have to be all revealing…a good portion of my clients shoot with more coverage than they would at the beach.

Christina, I’m so happy for you, and your hubby’s return. You were an amazing model to work with, you have an awesome personality to match. Hopefully we end up crossing paths again in the near future!

And a HUGE thank you to my friend, Tony, who let me borrow his car!

34 thoughts on “Classic Car Boudoir | San Diego Boudoir Photographer | KRUSH Boudoir”

  1. OMG! The second photo is AMAZING. I mean, they’re all fantastic but I love that shot… it should be a magazine cover!! Great job!!

  2. What a fun session! I love all of these, but I especially love that you thought to get a shot of her in the backseat! I’ll bet she (and get sweetie) was thrilled with how they came out!

    1. Thanks, Chris! The client has already seen the finished product and loves them. Hubby saw the proofs but not the final product. He’ll get a huge surprise when he gets home today!
      The backseat was a little harder to do. It definitely needed a special lens, but I love playing with the 15mm now and then. =)

  3. Love the photos of my Daughter-in-law. I would have loved to do a shoot for my husband with our collector car. Have fun in Japan! You have a eye for photography!

    1. You should definitely do it! I’m on the hunt for a photographer for you!
      Thank you! I’m excited! We’ve been there before, but I’m looking forward to our 3 year “vacation” (haha) there!

    1. Shhhhh…HAHA!
      The good news is this gorgeous piece of machinery is being repainted as I type this.

    1. Thank you!
      Isn’t that the best? With shoots like these, I almost enjoy the preparation as much as the shoot itself! Almost.

  4. These are really fun images. I love the choice of colors, from the styling to the backgrounds…beautiful.

    1. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? And her personality makes her even more so! Her husband is one lucky man!
      Those two are a couple of my favorites as well…it’s difficult for me to decide…

  5. I wish I could look like that after my 3! This is very inspirational, tho. She looks amazing- confident, sexy and happy. Well done!

    1. Doesn’t she? I’ve had only 2 and could only dream of looking this good! She was amazing in front of the camera!

    1. Thank you! She certainly is! Is it obvious that “working” should be in quotes? I wasn’t even sure what she should be doing under there with a wrench that big. LOL!

  6. Wow, you nailed this! I love the posing, and that car adds a special feel. She definitely picked the right photographer. :)

  7. Really beautiful work. I love this boudoir session. My favorite is the second one from this beautiful set of images.

  8. What a great photo shoot. Your model is so beautiful and confident. And the second photo is definitely my favorite too. Those colors, the car, the pose. Everything is perfect.

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